Spartan Tool Launches Reshaped Inspection Camera App

Pipe inspections just got easier thanks to Spartan Tool’s completely redesigned Spartan Vision app — a user-friendly platform that puts a wide range of options and features at the operator’s fingertips. 

“We know how important video inspection is to our customers. A good visual can help sell a job to the business or homeowner,” says Mike Sekach, national sales manager for Spartan. “Everything we do at Spartan is so that professional sewer and drain cleaners can do their job safely, efficiently and effectively.”

The Spartan Vision app is designed to work with Spartan Tool’s Traveler series of cameras and delivers the ability to effortlessly control the camera while within pipes. Users can not only manipulate camera view, but the app also gives inspectors several features that allow them to share their findings with customers. 

“From simple operating features like the ability to rotate and zoom your view in the pipe and adjusting the camera head’s LED brightness, to adding drawings and notes to photos and videos, you can operate with confidence and know that you’ll be able to share clear, quality photos and videos with your customer,” Sekach says.

Sharing detailed reports is more convenient than ever with the Spartan Vision app as well. The new PDF Report Builder is optimized for tablets and smartphones, providing pipe inspectors another tool to present detailed information to customers.

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“The PDF Report Builder is a new function we’re especially proud of,” Sekach says. “In just a few minutes, you can generate a high-quality report with photos and technician notes that will impress your customer and help close the sale.”

Reports are easily customizable to your business and can be quickly completed on site and sent to customers through the app in minutes.

Spartan Vision is available for iOS and Android devices. Find the app by searching, “Spartan Vision,” in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store or get links to download at www.spartantool.com/vision-app.